A Heaping Load Of GOOD News

To set the stage, I have to go back to the very beginning of my relationship with Scot. When he and I first met and started dating he was working for IBM Transarc. Transarc was a startup here in Pittsburgh that was begun with IBM seed money. It was eventually absorbed into Big Blue along with all of its employees, one of which was Scot.

This was the first job Scot ever had as a Technical Writer. He worked with people we still call call friends to this day and had many wonderful colleagues from whom he learned a great deal. When IBM closed its Pittsburgh lab back in 2002, it was a huge blow, for us and for everyone there.

Fast forward to last month when Scot received an email from one of those old colleagues. This is someone that Scot has a great deal of respect for and would work with again in a heartbeat. The basic gist of the email was, “Hey, hope you’re well; I have a job you might be interested in.”

It turns out that not only was Scot interested, he was being courted for what amounts to his dream job. His old boss from his Transarc days – another person he respects enormously – is working there as well and recommended him. It would be going back to Technical Writing for emerging and exciting technology. (He is currently working as a UNIX Systems Administrator.)

So, after chatting about the position and his interest in it, he was brought in for interviews. Those went well and he was asked to have a phone interview with the second level manager. That also went well. The further Scot got into the process, the more he desperately wanted the job.  We were waiting on tenterhooks to find out if an offer would be forthcoming.

Finally, this week, he received an offer and it MORE than fulfilled our expectations. In addition to going back to work in a field that he has missed with people he likes, he will have work-from-home flexibility, a good benefits package, and a substantial raise.

In a couple of weeks, Scot will be an employee with the IBM Watson Group.


Employed Again

Guess what? I got a j-o-b!

The seeds were planted many months ago. One of my closest friends, Dawn, was telling me about her husband’s office. He’s a psychologist who he practices independently and was needing help with some of his billing. I said “Dawn, I could do that! And I would be cheap!”

And there it sat. I didn’t really expect to get a job out of it. It was a conversation between friends about life frustrations, not a job interview.

So, imagine my surprise when Dan approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked to talk to me about this very topic. His current methods weren’t working very well anymore for a number of reasons and it was time to look into other possibilities. I sat down with him one Sunday to discuss his needs, my experience, my schooling, my schedule, etc. I walked out of that meeting with a job.

I will still be finishing school. I have one semester left to go that I’ll be registering for in the next few weeks (as soon as the new online learning platform is up and running). My work schedule is going to be very flexible so I will still be able to be home with the kids when I need to be. There is some work that I will be able to complete from home as well.

I sat down last week with the person currently doing this work and got started learning the ropes. I’ll be sitting down with her again on Saturday. I’m eager to get up and running with this because I feel like there is a lot of good that I can do here – billing, organization, records – they all need attention and I can totally get that in hand.

I’m not going to be bringing in a whole heap of money but it’s a place to start and a foot in the door. I get an enormous amount of flexibility about my work schedule which is worth its weight in gold (if such a thing could be weighed). I’m excited to be able to help my friend and her family by regulating some things in their lives.

So, there it is. After a decade home with the kids, I am suddenly employed again and I owe it all to Twitter!

The Promised Good News

Scot has a new job.

As you know, he’s been working a contract position since late April.  His boss there has been happy with his work and the contract had been extended into September which was good news when we got it.  But all through his time at the contract job, Scot was continuing to apply for full time, permanent work.

A couple of weeks ago he had a phone interview for a position.  They liked him so he went in for an interview last Tuesday.  By Friday he had an offer.  Yesterday we did a little bit of horse trading with them and then Scot officially accepted the offer.  He starts the new job August 1, 2012.

The commute is something of a hike but his commute now is also a hike (the new job is just in the other direction).  We’re going to be pulling Jamie out of the daycare setting and putting him into half-day traditional preschool three days a week in September.  This is a huge money saver for us.  We’ll probably do one or two other things to help cut costs and in the end, I think it’s all going to work out.

There is not a sigh of relief large enough for all this.  I’ll let Stephen Colbert express my feelings.