A Budding Artiste

From the time he could pick up a crayon and set it to paper Liam has loved art.  The art corner in his room is filled to the brim with coloring books, markers, colored pencils, paper of all varieties and colors, glitter glue, and other supplies.  When it comes time to clean his room, that corner is always the most onerous task for him because he has so much of it.

Lately he’s really been on a drawing kick.  He got some Ed Emberley books out of the library and he’s been churning out sketches like a chipmunk of meth.  The books seemed to really spark a fire in him.

While the following examples didn’t come from the Ed Emberely books (I’ll save those for another post), they do contain his other favorite thing in life: Star Wars.  He drew all of the beloved characters from memory and I have to admit that they look like they should.  I mean, Han and Leia really look like Han and Leia.

Luke and the Droids

Han and Leia

I’m almost positive I couldn’t draw like that when I was 6.  Impressive.  Most impressive.



The other day we were outside with the kids and broke out the sidewalk chalk.  Liam came up with this creation:

I don’t have any idea what it’s supposed to be.  Chances are, if you asked Liam, he wouldn’t know either.  He almost always draws abstract pictures – it’s rare to see stick figures or anything like that.  He knows HOW to draw that stuff, he just chooses this sort of thing.  That’s my kid – always has to be different.  I love that about him.