Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me
How big your brave is
–Sara Bareilles, “Brave”


I moved on Thursday last week and it’s been hitting me all weekend at random intervals: I did it. I got out. It’s done.

Then, this morning, I got in the car to go to work, the above quoted song came on, and I started to cry. There was a way out. I did let the light in.

I showed him how big my brave is. I showed myself how big my brave is.

It turns out that my brave is pretty goddamn big.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life – and I’ve gone through some pretty shitty times – but it has taught me more about who I really am and what I’m really capable of than anything else I’ve been through. Divorce is terrible and awful and demoralizing and ghastly.

Divorce is also empowering.

I never knew I had it in me. But, GODDAMN, look at the size of my brave.


5 thoughts on “Bravery

    • hi, george.

      not sure your comment makes sense from where i am sitting. see, i’m not married, i am incredibly happy, and i am absolutely cheering her on. not because i desire to see any marriage end, but because she is happier being out of this specific marriage. and the happier she is, the better woman / parent / daughter / friend / partner / productive member of society she will be.

      so yeah, go cari!

  1. Hey George,
    Married doesn’t always equal happy so, perhaps you can shove the assumptions. I’m in a committed relationship but I was just as happy when I was single! My marriage, however, was an unmitigated disaster. So. YOU GO GIRL!! Keep showing off your brave! I’m so super excited to see how high you climb!

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