Spectacular Seven

Last Friday (I’m a week late!) Jamie turned seven.

He is still the most challenging of the two of them but what he takes from me in frustration he gives right back in love and snuggles.

This last year has seen Jamie grow so much in so many ways. He’s finally learning how to express his anxieties so we can work through them. He’s is more willing to listen to us when we try to help him and his frustration level is much lower as a result. That’s not to say that he doesn’t get frustrated. He does. YES, HE DOES. But it’s less often and less intense than it used to be. He’s learning to deescalate.

He’s doing so well with school. Full day school was the answer we all needed. He has an amazing teacher who is kind and understanding and with all that he’s learning, he’s not bored.

He is his own self at all times; Jamie will be Jamie will be Jamie and I just love that about him. It can be frustrating, yes, when we clash, but in the end, knowing that my kid isn’t going to change to please others makes me happy. I know it will serve him well.

I just love having older kids and the more that Jamie leaves those early, dependent years behind him, the more delight I take in him (and Liam!). Babies are great but kids are AWESOME.

So, Happy Birthday, my dear Jamie! You brighten my days with your bear hugs and your snuggles. Never stop being you because you’re pretty great.

Yes, that's a pink cake. That's what he requested so that's what he got.

Yes, that’s a pink cake. That’s what he requested so that’s what he got.