Spectacular Six

Jamie turned SIX on March 4th. Lately I look at him and it’s like he morphed from baby to boy in 20 seconds flat. How in heaven’s name did he get so big so fast?!

Once upon time, he had ankle rolls.

Once upon time, he had ankle rolls.

At six Jamie is still mercurial and difficult sometimes (a lot of the time). He is also loving and sweet, funny and sassy, too smart for his own damn good. He certainly has his opinions and he will let you know about it. Unlike Liam at this age, who was insistently independent, Jamie often demands that we do things for him that he is completely capable of doing on his own. Let’s just say he’s down with being the baby of the family.

Just as I am proud to be Liam’s mother, I am also proud to be Jamie’s. There are different reasons, though. Man, that kid is stubborn but while we butt heads because of it, he also uses it to never give up when it comes to his speech difficulties. I was looking at an old video the other day – the first proof I had of him *really* talking – and I am shocked at how much he’s learned and how far he’s come. That video was barely intelligible as speech – even to me, who has always been Jamie’s best translator. I’m damn proud of the kid for working through it and getting to where he is. I’m proud of who he is as a person – someone who loves his family so completely, someone who never gives up, someone who is sure of who he is and what he wants.

So, here’s to six and all its glories! Here’s to big kids and long school days and endless summers. Happy Birthday, Jamie! You completed our family and we couldn’t be happier.

IMG_6849 IMG_6853


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