Hello, Again

This has been the longest month EVER. I keep wanting to blog and I keep running out of energy.

I’ve spent the last month finishing my semester of school that I got waaaaaaay behind on over the summer. It turns out that trying to do schoolwork with both kids in the house full time is an exercise in futility. By the time I had them both in school and a set time each day to work, I had to cram 7 weeks of course work into about 3 weeks. And then study for and take finals.

As you can imagine, that’s basically what I’ve been doing when I’m not feeding my children. (Always, CONSTANTLY, feeding someone. I fear the teen years.) You can just imagine how trashed my house is.

But I managed to power through the work and took my finals on Monday. I ended up with B’s in all three classes. I wanted A’s – oh how I wanted A’s – but this is what happens when you shove that much work into that little time. Lesson learned. I am now halfway through; 2 clusters down, 2 to go. I did finish all the hard science stuff which is good. It’s interesting to me and not hard but it is A LOT of information and my poor brain wanted to ooze out my eyeballs. From here on in it’s coding, medical office procedure, and professional experience. My plan is to take several weeks off and then start on the next cluster. I aim to finish the next cluster in late Jan/early Feb of 2015 and then tackle the last cluster. This should put me done with schooling just before code change in October 2015 and since I’m training on the NEW code system, this is good for me. Now I just have to hope Congress doesn’t pass ANOTHER delay to code change. (I know, I know. Good luck with that, Cari.)

The kids are doing well. Fourth grade adjustment has been a bit of a bear for Liam but I’m told it’s very normal and his best friend is going through it, too (though worse). We’re getting in the groove now and he will be fine but it’s a big change.

He started trumpet a few weeks ago. After a single lesson he was getting noise out of it. I wouldn’t necessarily call what goes on “music” (and neither would Molly, who hides when Liam practices) but he practices every day and he seems to really like it so I know that it’s only a matter of time before disjointed blats become actual notes and music. I am so proud of that kid. Talk about a well-rounded education; he excels in math, he’s loving music, he’s a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do. He’s also taking Chorus this year.

Jamie is LOVING kindergarten. He hops in the car everyday at pickup so excited to tell me about his day and all the things they did. It’s really a change from Liam who has never been chatty about what he does at school all day. Jamie just seems so happy to be learning and it’s already making a difference with his speech. I think the review of letters and the sounds they make has really made some things click in his head and certain sounds are coming a bit easier now. He’s also started working with the school speech therapist who is just fantastic. He gets one on one time with her twice a week and I am so grateful for it.

In other Jamie news, a couple of weeks ago he came up to me with his nose bleeding all over the place. This isn’t exactly unheard of with him – he seems to be prone to getting them – but he was clearly distressed about this one. So, I did what I could to staunch the bleeding and calm him down and then started to ask him questions about what happened. He refused to tell me. I explained and explained that I wouldn’t be mad at him and that I needed to know so that I knew whether he needed a doctor. Nope. Wouldn’t tell.

“Jamie,” I finally said, “did you put something up your nose?”

“Yes,” he whispered.


“It’s stuck,” he said.

“What’s stuck?”

“A lego,” he replied.

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it. The kid stuck a lego up his nose and it wouldn’t come out. I had him blow hard and it didn’t budge so I got a flashlight (thanks, smart phone!) and looked in the nostril. The lego was visible so there was a chance I could get it with a pair of tweezers. I had Jamie lie down on the bathroom floor and I veeeerrrryyyy carefully went after Mr. Lego.

It came out easily enough but I have to say I was a little shocked and just WHAT was up there. When I saw it with the flashlight, I thought it was just one of those small round bricks.

Oh no. THIS, is what I pulled out.


Friends, that is the handle to a lightsaber blade. All I could see in his nose was the round bottom end. He shoved that sucker waaaaay up there.

So, we had a little chat about how legos don’t go up our noses and that maybe we shouldn’t do such a thing again. Oh, and don’t put them in your mouth and swallow them either. You would think I wouldn’t have to tell a 5.5 year old this information but apparently I do.

Now that life is returning to a less hectic pace I want to spend the next few weeks getting some things done around here. First, I need to clean the place top to bottom. Christ, it’s a hovel. Also, I would like to put my plans for Project Playroom into motion so that I can reclaim my family room to some extent. I had also signed up to do The Subtraction Project¬†in September but that was just a bit much for my overloaded plate. So, I’m saving all the email prompts and I’m going to do them in October. I should also try to get Jamie’s room painted while it’s still warm enough for open windows.

I should probably stop being such a lazy ass and get my butt back on the treadmill.

And on that note, to the treadmill I go!