7 Quick Takes: Catching Up On Life

Merciful heavens. Where did the last month go!?

1. Jamie now has his cast off. HUZZAH! *jig of glee* It was a bit of a traumatic experience for him. He said it hurt when it came off – I think because of the sudden loss of support and the fact that his elbow had been stuck in one spot for 6 weeks. So, there were a lot of tears and scared words about how he would have to get another cast. I think because it wasn’t just like normal immediately, he thought it was still broken and assumed the worst. But the x-rays showed good, solid healing and the doctor gave us a brace and sent us on our way saying, “I don’t think we’ll see you again!”

But, man. Jamie made it a huge deal to even USE the arm. He broke his right arm. He is right handed. This is the hand he writes with. He CAN’T baby it. But for the first 36 hours he refused to take the brace off and if we so much as looked at his arm in the wrong way he claimed it hurt and he whined. When told he would have to start using the arm at swim lessons (which start tomorrow) he had a tantrum.

Yeah. Sorry, kid. I’m a mean Mom. I took away the brace. He spent about 12 hours barely using it and holding it close to his chest but then refused the brace before bed last night. He got up this morning and is using the hand and arm almost completely normally (he still wants to eat left-handed. It’s ingrained at the moment). So, I think it’s all going to be fine in the end.

2. Swim lessons start tomorrow! I feel like summer is FINALLY underway for us. June was pretty mellow with very little on the calendar and very little for the kids to do because Jamie was limited by his cast. This, of course, meant they filled their time by bickering with each other. SWELL. But now, July is here and it’s gonna be GO GO GO from now until school starts. Swim lessons! A trip to Hershey! Cousin visit! A visit to Oma and Puppa!

3. Liam has finally, at 9.5 years of age, discovered the joy that is sleeping in. JAMIE still gets up by 7 am but Liam? We’re lucky to see him before 9 am. Considering he went through a period of time where he got up at 5 am every day without fail, come hell or high water, 9 am is like sleeping until NOON. I didn’t even know he had it in him.

4. Scot! Scot is better! He’s been back to work full time for several weeks now. He’s been working at home for a bunch of reasons (all of them GOOD reasons) but tomorrow it’s back to the office. I don’t think he’s spent more than a day or two there since April 1.

5. Related: All my dollars belong to hospitals. ‘Nuff said.

6. What about me, you ask? Well, first of all the stress of the spring made me fat(ter). I despair that I am EVER going to learn how to eat properly, exercise regularly, and lose this fat suit I’m wearing. I am getting back into my running regimen albeit slowly. I swear I’m trying.

School, on the other hand, is going fairly well. I got a little behind but the last two days I’ve powered through a bunch of material and taken two tests. So far, so good. The classes in this cluster are much less deadly boring than last cluster. Coding is actually pretty interesting; Pathophysiology/Pharmacology really just builds on Anat & Physio and Medical Terminology but is more in depth; Health Care Data Content and Structure – while not scintillating, it’s not the snooze fest that Computers was last cluster. I’ll take it.

7. Here’s a couple of recent shots of the boys and one of a cool butterfly that was flitting around at my in-laws house.






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