Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

Last year, as I said goodbye to 2012, I was desperate for 2013 to be a better year. I couldn’t wait to see 2012 hit the history books and I was looking forward to a fresh start. I can’t say that 2013 was perfection but as I look back, things really were a lot better.

The Cons

  • We went through job loss again.  The job that Scot took in 2012 turned out to be a terrible fit.
  • We spent much of the beginning of the year dealing with depression issues and mental health crises.
  • Our budget was blown to smithereens.

The Pros

  • I started on Zoloft and it made an enormous difference to my overall quality of life.
  • Scot switched mental health professionals and got his meds and his moods stabilized.
  • He found a job he really likes working with people he really likes. He’s part of a real team again and he’s so much happier.
  • I organized my house, started to exercise on a regular basis, and went back to school.
  • The kids both excelled in school.  Liam got a gem of a third grade teacher and Jamie is going to be SO ready for Kindergarten in the fall.
  • We welcomed Molly to our family and she fit in perfectly.
  • We managed to get some long-needed home improvements done (with more to follow in 2014).

As you can see, the pros far outweighed the cons of this year.  It was a rough start but about half-way through things started to turn around and they’ve been steadily better ever since.  So, I greet 2014 with anticipation. There are big changes on the horizon; I hope they’re all as good I think they will be.


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