Merry Christmas

From our glorious House of Nerds to yours!



Birthday Jocularity

Today was Scot’s birthday and we celebrated as we always do with the traditional lunch of take out Chinese food and birthday pie.  I have some form of the local Death Cold so I missed the pie part which was fine with me because I can’t taste a damn thing anyway.

But! I did capture pictures of the gifting. It all started out quite normal.

IMG_5968Then it started to slide into silliness.


IMG_5979Then it jumped a curb and careened straight into ridiculousness.



IMG_5994Then the dog made herself comfortable while my father-in-law joined in the festivities.

IMG_5995I hope it was a good birthday for Scot. I was laid up for most of it and am likely to be a little use tomorrow as well. Happy Birthday!

Christmas Prep

The tree is decorated.




The stockings are hung.


Cards have been made.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

The cookies are baked.


The Christmas cards are sent.


The presents are wrapped.

IMG_5957My house is still a disaster area but I have 5 days to fix that. The kids are done with school. Scot is done with work. Now it’s time to enjoy family and a joyous Christmas!

Jamie and Kipperbuckles

It is now December and with the month begun, Kipperbuckles has returned to our house.

For those that don’t remember, Kipperbuckles is our Elf on the Shelf. Now, I know there are a lot of people that just can’t get behind this particular tradition and find it annoying if not downright mean. “The elf is going to tell on you to Santa!”

They have a point. But I freely admit that anything I can use to keep my kids in line at this time of year is a worthwhile option in my eyes. We try not to jump to “do you want to do that in front of Kipperbuckles?” at the first hint of bad behavior and we also usually use “Kipperbuckles won’t have anything good to tell Santa if you keep that up.” Meaning, the elf would rather tell Santa the good things instead of that bad.

But, oh, watching Jamie with Kipperbuckles this year is simply magical.

Both kids run downstairs first thing every morning to look for Kipperbuckles’ new hiding spot. Even Liam gets in on the game – so much so that we’re still not sure if he’s given up believing in Santa Claus or not. I don’t go completely nuts and set up scenarios and tableaus with our elf. I just try to find someplace mostly above their reach for him to perch.

He came in like a wrecking ball.

He came in like a wrecking ball.

The very first day that Kipperbuckles appeared, Jamie kept telling on himself. Whenever he misbehaved or he and Liam got reprimanded, he’d run into the family room and rat them out.

Since they he has been hilarious. He waves hi and goodbye to the elf. He tells Kipperbuckles when he has to pee and that he’ll be right back. He came home from preschool Holiday Shop and told Kipperbuckles all about the Holiday Shop. I’ve even heard him wish Kipperbuckles good night before bed.

It just doesn’t get much more magical than a 4 year old at Christmas.