7 Quick Takes, Part Eleventy Thousand

Yeah, this is becoming quite a theme around here. But man, it’s so convenient!

1. Liam was recognized for earning his black belt at the all school awards assembly this week. The principal asked him to wear his dobak and bring his trophies in to show. Scot and I were also invited to attend and we did, bringing along a board for Liam to break in front of everyone. When the principal announced that he was going to break a board, there was an audible collective gasp in the multi-purpose room. Then he stuck his foot through the board and everyone cheered. It was awesome. Take note, bullies – my kid can take care of himself. Liam came home after school that day and said that he was getting random high-fives in the hallway from kids all day.

2. Tomorrow is Liam’s last day of second grade. He’ll bring home his report card tomorrow and I’m sure it will be stellar because all his other ones were, too. By this time tomorrow he will be third grade bound. (WHOA.)

3. Have I mentioned lately that my husband is a genius parent? He totally is. While Liam can read fluently JUST FINE, he is not an avid reader. He would rather play with his Legos (which is GREAT for his math skills) than pick up a book. Getting him through his Accelerated Reader assignments at school this year was fairly torturous. This state of affairs is distressing to Scot and I because we *love* to read, we own 129388573e9083474 books, and we both have very fond memories of our favorite childhood books. Liam? Not so much. He’ll listen if you read chapter books TO him but he doesn’t want to put in the work himself.

Well, recently he finally got to see “Rise of the Guardians” (a kid’s movie that came out about 6 months ago or so). He loved it. Scot found out that the movie was based on a series of books, got the first book for Liam, and handed it over. The kid is devouring it. He is choosing to read FOR FUN. Scot and I keep holding our breath wondering when the novelty will wear off. But man, genius move on Scot’s part. Fantastic.

4. Scot’s job search is going. The best way to sum it up would be this:


5. My yard/landscaping is looking more and more like someone who gives a damn lives here. I’ve never been this far along in the weeding process so early in the season and I CERTAINLY wasn’t this far along ALL LAST YEAR. In fact, that picture of Ellie up in the header was taken amidst the ground cover while I was weeding the other day. I have a few small spots I need to weed out and some weed killer to spray in other areas and then it’s a matter of upkeep and transplanting. I even planted some flower seeds today! I didn’t start them indoors like the package told me to but if they grow at all I’ll be happy. I’m looking forward to sharing pictures when things really fill in later in the summer.

6. Jamie is…Jamie. He’s four and he’s EXCELLENT at it. Some days with him are so easy and others are a battle from one end to the other. I’m dreading summer vacation a little bit because this is the first year I’ll have both boys home full time all summer. It could get ugly – and I’m expecting the ugly to start around 72 hours after Liam is done with school. In the same breath I am REALLY looking forward to not having to drag Liam out of bed every morning. Still, I’m going to have to find ways to keep these kids from spending the whole summer at each other’s throats.

7. How do you like the blog redesign?