Hoppy Easter!

First, the outtakes of our photo session because they are always more hilarious.


Nice face, Jamie.


And again with the face.


Jamie likes to make like he has no neck.

Now the good ones!

Dapper dude

Dapper dude

Wearing his brother's hat.

Wearing his brother’s hat.

Two smiling faces (and the ONLY one I got of that!)

Two smiling faces (and the ONLY one I got of that!)

Ok, I know technically an outtake but it's adorable.

Ok, I know technically an outtake but it’s adorable.

And last but not least, a boy and his dog.


I hope your Easter was everything you wanted it to be and that lots and lots of chocolate was had by all!


Changing For The Better

One of the upsides to being on Zoloft is that I have energy again. And motivation. I used to have a couple good hours of work in me in the morning and then it was all downhill after lunch. The mid-afternoon malaise set in and it lasted until the kids went to bed. Ridiculous.

I constantly castigated myself that I had all this time and couldn’t seem to get anything done/keep up with my life. It just made me feel worse about myself.

Everything has changed and if I could bake a cake for Zoloft I would. Then I’d offer it sexual favors.

I’ve spent the last week or so cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I’ve tackled projects that have sat for MONTHS because I just couldn’t get started. My house is the cleanest it’s been for a very long time. The only rooms that are in disarray are the kids rooms and, well, you’ll have that.

I’ve got some more long-term projects to tackle – cleaning out the pantry closet, unearthing the breakfast nook in the kitchen, finding all the old magazines and getting them recycled – that kind of thing. The weird thing is – I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. My state of mind is much calmer when I’ve ordered the space around me. I seem to becoming something of a neatnik.

Best of all, I’m not embarrassed to let people come into my house anymore. People dropping by? No problem! Kids want to play with their friends? Sure! I cannot find the proper words to express what a titanic shift this represents for me.

I know that medication isn’t always the first and best answer but it has made such an enormous difference for me. I’m so, so grateful. I don’t think I had any real idea of how long I’d been feeling bad until I suddenly wasn’t anymore.

Fantastic Four

On March 4th Jamie turned 4 years old and it’s possible that I did a little jig of glee in celebration of the end of three. Maybe.

There is so much I want to say about Jamie at age 4. Remember a few months ago when I was worried about his speech? Well, he’s made huge strides since then. He is understandable 80 to 90 percent of the time now. He still needs to work on articulation of particular sounds – k and g are really giving him fits – but he’s *really* talking now. He’s good enough that I can now start to correct grammar instead of just being grateful I can translate gibberish. He’s willing to try saying difficult, multi-syllabic words, too. Behold!

Fear not, he can actually count correctly. In fact, he can count correctly all the way to 15 and he recognizes more numbers than you might expect. This morning at the grocery store he pointed at the aisle number of a neighboring check out and said “Sixteen, Mommy!” He was right. It was 16.

Thanks to his Christmas gift of a Leap Pad (BEST. THING. EVER.) he is learning to recognize and write his letters. He knows how to spell his own name (and recognize it) and he can at least write the “J.”

The other day he drew a picture of me and asked me to write my name on it. So I did. And then he copied it. Then I wrote “Dad” for him and he did the same thing.





Music is one of Jamie’s favorite things. He’s always making up songs or singing ones he knows. He asks for music in the car and he likes to have a good family boogie on a regular basis. He turns his toys into musical instruments and microphones. Almost every night before bed he wants us to sing The Winnie the Pooh Theme Song.

Using my vacuum attachments to make a mic and stand.

Using my vacuum attachments to make a mic and stand.

His birthday was lovely and he enjoyed all his presents and his cake. Last night when I gave him a slice of cake for dessert, he gave the cover of the cake stand a loving pat and said “I love you, chocolate cake.” Indeed, child. Indeed.

The destruction left after unwrapping presents.

The destruction left after unwrapping presents.


Blowing out the candles!

Blowing out the candles!

He’s gotten so much taller over the last year. He’s now wearing some of the clothes that Liam wore in Kindergarten. It makes my brain hurt. It does not seem all that long ago that Liam was in Kindergarten but less than a year from now, I will be registering Jamie for school.

He still has his moments when The Terrifically Terrible Threes peek through but I’ve noticed a definite change in his behavior lately and I’m so glad to see it. I was ready to say goodbye to incessant ¬†power games with him. There is nothing like the advent of rational reasoning.

Four is going to be fantastic, I just know it!