Catching Up

Whoa. Where did January go, anyway?! Tomorrow is February! Clearly things around here have been a little crazy.

Ellie is now 14 weeks old and a terror of puppy proportions. She’s playful and cuddly and soft and wonderful. They boys love her, I love her, and she’s rapidly becoming one of the family. We’re still working on housebreaking and basic obedience but it’s coming along. She has a routine she likes with predicable periods of play and rest. She also loves to sneak upstairs and eel her way onto our bed so that she can greet Scot in the morning.

Hi Dad! Hi! Hi! Hi Dad! Wake up! Hi Dad!

Hi Dad! Hi! Hi! Hi Dad! Wake up! Hi Dad!


Jamie is going through another leap in his language development. He still can’t say ‘k’ or ‘g’ but he’s getting clearer with everything else and he’s starting to pick up ‘l’ (which is developmentally a bit early so…as always, this kid is backwards). But he’s starting to come out with adult phrases from a toddler mouth and it’s cracking me up. The other day he told me “My socks are ticking me off!”

Liam will be 8 in two more days and…wow. It’s shocking. I’ll write more about that later. However we did have an adventure with him this week. One morning, as he was getting out of the car to get on the bus, he slammed his thumb in the car door. He neglected to tell me he did it – didn’t even say “OUCH!” – but went straight to the nurse when he got to school. By which time he thumb looked like this:



After some craziness surrounding me grocery shopping and him needing to be picked up at school, I took him to Urgent Care. They declined to drain the hematoma under the nail – didn’t even HAVE the proper tool to do it with – took an xray, proclaimed it broken, and sent us home with a (too big) splint. As the day wore on the pain continued to get worse despite Motrin and eventually Liam was in tears so Scot took him to Children’s ER. They took more xrays and said “Yeah, this isn’t broken. He has a hematoma under the nail. Let’s drain that.” Then they whipped out the cautery tool, burned two holes in the nail, and let off the pressure. Also, no more splint. Liam felt much better by then. So, lesson learned: Urgent Care hasn’t a clue what to do with injuries and see what they want to see, don’t go there.

As for me, the month has been crazy with a period of feeling pretty down in the dumps in the middle. But I’m starting to feel better now and hoping that February is better.


“I Don’t LIKE You!”

Our kids are a strange dichotomy sometimes. Liam tends to be more like Scot while Jamie tends to be more like me. But, there are times they both show evidence of having gotten something from the other parent. Then there are the times when it is SO CLEAR that they’re ours.

My parents like to tell the stories from my childhood about me telling trusted and loving babysitters or grandparents that I didn’t like them or love them because I had been disciplined.  I know that when I presented my Mormor with this phrase I was told, “well, that’s too bad because I love you.”

So imagine me desperately trying to stifle my laughter when Jamie popped out with “I don’t LIKE you!” when he’d been disciplined. Oh child. You are so mine. Of course, he got the same reply I was given – “I’m sorry to hear that but I love you very much.”

To which he responded “NO!” and then growled at me.

Three can really just move along ANY day now.