It’s been crazy around here the last couple of weeks and I’ve been exhausted by day’s end each day.  I keep thinking I should blog and update everyone on how things are going but it never seems to get done. But here I am, trying to make up for lost time.  In no particular order, the goings on around here include:

  • Scot has a new job. It’s not everything we were hoping for but it’s a start.  We had initially thought it would be a long term contract (up to 12 months) but when he went to the interview it turned out to be 3 to 4 months duration.  However, the pay is good enough that we can afford to pay COBRA and keep up with our bills so he took the job.  They were very enthusiastic about his skill set so we’re hoping it leads to something else.  In the meantime, he is continuing to look for more permanent work.
  • The kids seem to be getting back on track after the incredible stress of the last month.  Sometimes Liam is so resilient it shocks me and other times he’s so fragile I wonder what I should do to help him through.  The routine of school seems to be helping.  He’s only got one month of first grade left, though.  WOW!
  • Jamie is VERY, VERY THREE right now, thankyouverymuch, and I would like to exchange him for a less cranky model.  Although, given his start in this world, what did I expect?  Anyway, as expected, three is proving very challenging and not being in daycare has exacerbated that.  The kid is BORED.  We’re working on getting him started back into daycare and I *hope* that he’ll start next week or the week after.  For the time being we can afford it and I shudder to think what the summer will be like if I can’t separate the kids every now and then.  He needs it, I need it, we ALL need it.  So, daycare it is.
  • For almost as long as he could talk, Liam has been catching kisses I blow at him.  I’ll blow him a kiss to say goodbye or goodnight and he’ll clap a hand to his cheek and say “GOT IT!” then blow one at me and expect the same.  It’s a little ritual we have.  Now, Jamie has started to do it. I put him down for a nap today and he blew me a kiss so I blew him one.  “Got it!” he answered.  And this is why we put up with him.
  • Last, we have woodpeckers.  Not in or on the house but in the backyard.  I’ve been seeing either a hairy or a downy woodpecker for the last couple of years (I can’t tell which it is) but today I saw a pileated one. They’re really BIG! Much bigger than songbirds.  And because I now have a long lens for my camera and can take pictures out the back door from my couch, I have photos!
Hairy or Downy Woodpecker. Vote for your choice!

Pileated Woodpecker
So, that’s life in our house right now.  Honestly, I’m really grateful we’ve landed in this spot so quickly. I don’t think Scot nor I felt as though a single month without work was even in the cards. And yet, 4 weeks later, he’s working again. I hope that means full time permanent work is around the corner.

Your Daily Dose of Randomness

So, I take a lot of pictures.  Many of them are not good quality, but some of them turn out nicely enough that I like to show them off here.

This is not one of those posts.

This is a post where I realized that I have pictures of some really RANDOM shit sitting in my photo archives.  So, I’m giving you a look into the crazy side of life at the TK&B household.

This is from Christmas cookie baking. Look at my cutie snowmen!

Took this one last week – turkey on the back hill!  Release the hound!

Boys and guns. How do they pick it up without being taught?!

The first in a series. This is what it took to get that ONE decent Easter picture.
Part the second

And, last but never least, who could forget this gem?

Black Stripe!

Today was a big day for Liam; he tested for his first black stripe.

This meant that today’s test was different from past tests.  Instead of being asked to perform one pattern, he had to perform three.  In addition to his regular sparring requirement, he also had to break two boards.  He was really looking forward to the board breaking.

For the patterns, Liam had to execute the first three patterns he ever learned – his white belt pattern, yellow stripe pattern, and double yellow stripe pattern.

For comparison, here is Liam doing Chon-Ji as a white belt.

Here is Chon-Ji as executed this morning:

I am impressed beyond words with the progress Liam has made.  I know he’s been at this for two full years and by now he really ought to have improved (and he has!) but the video proof of exactly how far he has come is just astonishing to me. I am so proud of him I could burst.

Here are the other two patterns he had to do – Dan-Gun and Do-San.

All flawlessly executed.

When it was time for breaking, I could tell that he was beyond excited.  I managed to get a primo spot for photos and here is the proof of his breaking prowess.

Jumping side kick.  BAM!

Turning back kick. Please note the board broke in THREE pieces – piece 3 is between the master’s arms.

He was duly awarded his black stripe and I was so proud of him I practically burst into tears.  That’s my baby kicking ass out there!

We all needed a little something to celebrate around here and we got it.  Congratulations, Liam.  Your perseverance and hard work are an inspiration.

Last, the man responsible:

Grandmaster Young Bo Kong