Gee, Thanks

Driving home from getting Liam’s blood draw today, we could see the outline of the moon in the afternoon sky.

“Hey Liam – look at the moon!”

“Cool!  How come it’s up, Mom?”

“Well, sweetie, I’m not entirely sure about that.  You could ask Daddy, though, since he knows more about astronomy.  I’m going to guess that the moon is always there we just can’t always see it when it’s light out.”

There was a bit of a pause from the back seat.  Then…

“I’m not saying you’re dumb, Mom, it’s just that Daddy is smarter that you are.  I’m just saying.”

Well then.  Glad I wasted 4.5 years getting a college degree.  It’s amazing I can mange to drive a car and work that laundry gizmo in the basement.  I think I’ll get myself a helmet to wear on a permanent basis.  Ya know, because I’m not too careful being not as smart as Daddy and all that.

I suppose he could have told me my butt was too big, but somehow that seems like it might not have been so bad.


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