Last night was weigh-in night at Weight Watchers.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to see when I stepped on the scale because I had a bit of a rough spot in the middle of the week.  I had two days in a row where I was fighting the constant urge to devour everything in sight.  I didn’t fall completely off the wagon but I didn’t do my very best either.

But after those two days, I climbed back up, dusted my willpower off, and started again.  I had three days until weigh in and I had to make those three days count.

And make them count, I did.  I lost 2.2 pounds this week.

That makes a total of 11.3 pounds since I started doing this with the online program and a full 8 pounds since I started back to meetings two weeks ago.

My pants fit so much better.  I’m almost completely into a smaller size at this point.  I still wear the larger size when I’m feeling frumpy or lazy and want comfort over style.  But that larger size is pretty loose now and getting progressively more so.

I’m trying not to look too far ahead of myself at this point.  I know what I WANT to be able to wear come fall but I don’t want to think very hard about it because if I don’t get there, I don’t want to disappoint myself.  I just want to be happy with my current success and build on that.

But it’s awfully nice not to feel so disgusting when I’m at the pool with my kids.  It might not show to other people but I can tell I look different and that difference gives me confidence.  Vive le diffĂ©rence!



That one word sums up the last several days.  I’ve wanted to blog more but we’ve been so busy I can barely get from one thing to the next on time.

Here’s how today went, to give you an idea.  Let me preface it with the fact that Scot’s car refused to start on Sunday so we had to have it towed on Monday and it’s been in the shop ever since.

6:30 – get up with Jamie.  Get dressed and presentable to leave the house.
7:00 – Liam gets up, wake Scot.  Spend next 30 min prepping to leave.
7:30 – load up the family and leave.  Take Scot to work stopping on the way to get coffee for him.
7:45 – drop off Scot and head to Jamie’s daycare.
8:00 – drop off Jamie at daycare and head to the grocery store with Liam.
8:15-9 – grocery shop then go home.
9 – 9:45 – unload the groceries, put them away, sit down to breathe and have breakfast.  Get Liam changed for swim lessons.
9:45 – leave for swim.
10 – 11 – swim lesson for Liam.
11:15 arrive home and have a dang break.
11:15 – 4:00 pm.  Hang out at home.  Get lunch, do cleaning, work on laundry, try to nap to no avail, make cupcakes.
4:00 pm – pick up Jamie.
4:15- 5:30 home long enough to feed the kids and myself.  Scot still at work.
5:30 – leave for Tae Kwon-do with both kids.  Jamie NEVER goes with us as it runs past his bath and bed time but one car, one parent, no choice.  He went with.
5:45 – 6:45 -TKD for Liam.  Managed to pick up Scot at work while Liam was in class.
7:00 – arrive home.  Scot eats, I throw children in the tub.  Jamie is now late for bed.
7:15 – Jamie in bed.
7:40 – Liam in bed.

After the kids were down, I made buttercream frosting and frosted the cupcakes I made.  Then I sat down to write an email to a friend that was waiting on my reply.  Tomorrow is speech therapy for Jamie and I still have to finish picking up the house.

I know that working parents do this sort of thing pretty much every day so I shouldn’t complain.  And, really, I’m not.  But I’m not used to this kind of schedule AT. ALL.  This is what my life has been like for the last several days – hence the lack of blogging.

Swim lessons run all week this week and next.  After they are done things calm down a little bit.  I’m looking forward to it.


A couple of weeks ago, I admitted to being a big fat failure.  Fat being the operative word because I had failed at Weight Watchers online.  So, I bit the bullet and signed back up for meetings.

Last week was my first meeting.  I wasn’t happy with the number on their scale – weighing at the end of the day is a pain in the ass.  But, while I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t too shocked either so I tried not to let it get me down.

The meeting was exactly what I expected it to be and it was actually really good.  Instead of feeling stupid that I’d failed and had to go back, I felt like I was back among my people – the ones that understood my struggles and were there for support.  I walked out feeling like I had a plan and I could face the week.

I set some goals for myself: track everything I ate, be meticulous about portion sizes, and make the best choices I could while still leaving a tiny bit of wiggle room.  To these ends, I made an effort to read through and organize my materials from Weight Watchers, I purchased a journal for tracking and a notebook to take notes at meetings.  I was ready to tackle the week.  What can I say?  I’m a nerd, office supplies motivate me.

I managed to meet my goals.  I tracked everything I put in my mouth and if I didn’t want to track it, I usually didn’t put it in my mouth.  I admit a stray piece of cheese or two might have snuck through but that’s about it.  On Father’s Day, I made steaks, broccoli, salad, roasted potatoes, and my mother-in-law brought brownies and ice cream for dessert.  In indulged in all of those foods – being careful to limit portions where appropriate – and I *still* had points left over at the end of the day.  I even managed to get a little exercise in here and there over the course of the week.

Tonight I had my second meeting and my first weigh-in after starting the program.  I lost six pounds.

Let me repeat that:  I lost SIX pounds.  In one week.

To give you some perspective, the only other time in my life that I’ve lost that much weight in a single week, it involved birthing 8 lb babies.

I have now lost 10 pounds over all and weigh the same as what I did when I started Weight Watchers 4 years ago.  I put on shorts today that were a smaller size and I didn’t just manage to squeeze into them – they actually fit comfortably.  Some of my clothes look big on me now (not many, but a few!).  Scot told me one day earlier this week, “You look skinny today.”

So I know what works and I know how to make the program work for me.  Not every week will be this successful but it’s a great boost to my confidence.

The Floodgates Have Opened

Language is suddenly pouring out of Jamie in a torrent.  When he said five new words in the space of an hour, I decided to start writing them down so I wouldn’t forget them by the time his next therapy session rolled around.

That list took up half the white board on my refrigerator.

Since I started keeping track (on FRIDAY) he has said all of the following:

one more
Perry (as in, the platypus)
beep (for beeping noses)
ting (for clinking glasses together)
oh yeah
blue bowl
thank you, Mama
Roary (the name of a toy)
Toodles (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
french toast

“French toast” happened just this morning.  “What do you want for breakfast, Jamie?” I asked him.

“French toast!” (not clear or distinct but intelligible)

“French toast?” I clarified.


Easiest. mealtime. interaction. EVER.  It hasn’t been that easy since he was nursing full time and there was only one choice to begin with.

Our next step is to start working on two and three words phrases to teach him how words can go together.  He’s starting to pick it up already.

LEGO KidsFest!

LEGO KidsFest rolled into town over the weekend and took up residence at the “Invention Center,” as Liam calls it.  When we looked into it, we thought it might not be entirely suitable for Jamie given the session times and Jamie’s nap time so we got tickets for Liam and Granddad.

Saturday morning they headed out to the convention center armed with tickets and my old digital camera, ready for a day of fun.

People, handing a digital camera to a 6 year old can have some spotty results.  Here is a sampling of the kind of pictures Liam took.

Luckily it got better once they actually got to KidFest.  Apparently they had a great time (once they FINALLY got in – lots of crowds, little parking).  They built stuff, they took pictures with the Lego statuary, and, of course, Liam wheedled Legos out of Granddad at the gift shop.  When they came home Liam said “Mom, they had a gift shop.  And it had ONLY LEGOS!  Can you believe that?”

He had a great time.  Afterward, they went back to Grandma and Granddad’s house where Liam promptly put together his Jedi ship on his own without any help at all.  
If KidsFest comes back, we’ll definitely go back!

Family Fun

Yesterday morning when we woke up, Scot rolled over and said, “What would you think about me staying home and having a day with you and the boys?”

What did I think?  Bring it on!

We decided to take the boys down to the Natural History Museum since it had been some time since we’d visited.  We got there just a few minutes before they opened so the boys played on the steps outside while we waited.

Art you can climb on!

Look Ma!  I can do the steps all by myself!
After getting inside, we made a beeline for the dinos – a perennial favorite.  The kids wandered around and played with the interactive parts of the displays.  Jamie did his best T-Rex impression and ran straight to the Triceratops as soon as he caught sight of it.  As always, it was a big hit.
“That’s my dead dino!”  “No, it’s MINE!”
We tried to see other parts of the museum, but Jamie was having none of it.  He was in a bit of a mood and was doing his best to cause mayhem.  I tried to get the obligatory picture of me and the boys by the stuffed bear but Jamie was refusing to cooperate.  So, I got one with Spud.
We finally decided that things weren’t working out and we needed to leave.  We opted to head over to Schenley Plaza to ride the carousel.  It was a gorgeous day so it was a great day to be on the plaza.
On our way over, we stopped to see Dippy and take a few pictures.
“Look!  I can hold up Dippy!”
Once we got to the plaza, we got tokens for the carousel and hopped on to ride.

Don’t ask.  I don’t know, either.
We came home after that, had some lunch, and put Jamie down for a nap.  While he was sleeping, I went outside and set up our castle play tent, our regular camping tent, and the soccer goals so that the kids could play outside.  Liam came out about half way through set up and started playing with the neighbors.  For most of the afternoon the kids ranged back and forth across our lawn and the neighbor’s.  When Jamie woke up, he came out to join us.  We spent hours out there and the kids had a great time.  Eventually, Jamie tired of being outside so I came in with him while Liam stayed out.  I got dinner cooking and we all sat down to eat as a family.
It was a great day filled with quality family time.  I’ll take a dozen more like it.