Black and White

I got a new camera and I’m in love.  It’s an early birthday present and I took the plunge into the world of DSLR cameras.  I just could. not. deal with the limitations of my point and shoot anymore  – particularly the delay it has when taking a picture.  That makes for lots of crappy pics of the kids.  I have a lot to learn about this new way of taking pictures but I’m actually reading the manual and it’s been really helpful.

I know the blog has been a little picture heavy lately.  I’m sorry about that but, you guys, guess what I discovered today?  My camera will shoot in black and white!  (Ok, technically it’s “monochrome” but for this non-purist, same difference.)

Lookie Lookie!

Hey, Liam!  Make a funny face!

Engrossed in Star Wars

These were just a few test shots while we were hanging out and I was playing around with the camera.  In his entire two years, these are the first black and white shots of Jamie.  His red hair is so much a part of who he is that I never wanted to lose that by going monochrome.  But I love these pictures.

I know I have a lot to learn about light and how to use it to my advantage, about composing a shot, and about all the various modes and functions available to me now.  I’m still giddy about what I’m able to do even now while I’m trying to learn.


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