Life Is Crazed

I can’t believe today is the last day of June and this weekend is the Fourth of July.  This month has FLOWN past.  Before I turn around twice it’s going to be time for school to start.

Anyway, it’s been crazy in the house.  At the end of last week, Liam finished his swimming lessons for the summer and passed his level test so next year he’ll move up to the next level.  The lessons were really good for him – he’s much more confident about being in the water and much safer as well.  He still has a long way to go to become a strong swimmer but he did great and I’m proud of him.

Liam is also continuing with Tae Kwon-Do and loving it.  He came home on Monday night and said “My legs are so tired!”  I thought this was awesome since wearing him out is rather difficult.  Keep it up, kiddo!

Jamie went back to daycare last week after being home with his ear infection the week before.  He’s still not completely digging it and losing a week to illness is only prolonging the transition period but he still survived fairly well last week.  He even took a two hour nap one day.

But Sunday he spiked a fever again and was feeling crappy.  I suspected that his ear infection had recurred so I took him to urgent care.  They looked in his ears and said it was indeed the infection and gave us Zithromax.  Jamie was miserable for most of the rest of that day and that night was an exercise in sleep deprivation.  He wasn’t eating or drinking because he was refusing to swallow so I was starting to suspect something else was going on.  We took him to the doctor and he did, indeed, have something else going on.

He has Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaat.  (Incidentally, there wasn’t really an ear infection and we quit with the Zithromax.)  The reason he wasn’t swallowing is because his mouth and throat were covered in lesions and he was in large amounts of pain.  We finally managed to get some pain meds down his throat and made him as comfortable as possible.  We just have to wait it out.  A few days down the line and he’s eating and drinking, the lesions in his mouth are less bothersome, but he’s broken out with the rash on other parts of his body.  However, he’s sleeping more normally now and seems to be in a lot less pain so, more than anything, it’s an annoyance at this point.  He can’t attend daycare while he has the rash because he’s still on the contagious side (although he was most contagious right before outbreak and while he had the fever).  Unfortunately, hot and humid weather is the kind of weather this virus loves so it was inevitable that he would pick it up.

He should be back to normal by the weekend – just in time for the neighbors to turn the cul-de-sac into downtown Beirut with exploding fireworks.


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