Kids Say The Darndest Things

Liam has a friend at school named David.* He and David tend to spend most of the day together and generally get along pretty well. The only problem is that David is what Scot and I refer to as a “bad influence.” Without getting into specifics, the kid doesn’t have the same boundaries or rules that we set for Liam. So, Liam is constantly coming home with inappropriate things – be they words, actions, or stories about David. It’s not really David’s fault that this is the state of affairs but he really does set a bad example that my kid has a bad habit of following.

Today on the way home from school Liam announced to me, “Well, David the Dreaded Bad Influence was at school today.”

I couldn’t help myself. I burst out laughing.

For all that he copies David, he apparently copies us, too.

*name changed to protect the innocent.


One thought on “Kids Say The Darndest Things

  1. If you have your child tested for G&T and they test as gifted then their teachers are legally required to provide differentiation for them. I really think you should consider having him tested. Not to make him different from the other children, but to ensure that his intellectual needs are being met at school. And to make sure that his teachers are legally required to challenge him. Because, DAYUM! You've got yourself one bright little bulb there.

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